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La Guagua

La Guagua


About Us

La Guagua is a family business that started off as a dream back in 2020. We wanted a restaurant that celebrated Latinos and showcased the many flavors and cultures of their countries. At La Guagua you will be taking a trip around Latin American countries with the taste of our food!



Baked Empanadas: Handmade savory pastries filled with chicken or ground beef.
Ropa Vieja Plato -Shredded beef braised with sweet peppers, onions, garlic, tomato, served with congris, Tostones and Side Salad.
Minuta de Pescado - Battered Fish Fillet with onion,  lettuce, tomato and Special Sauce served on a house-made bread roll.
We have partnered with Vasquez Coffee, a local coffee roaster in San Francisco, that imports the best coffee beans from multiple Latin American countries.