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About Us

PC Service Center Business has been serving individual users and small businesses and medium-sized businesses for more than 10 years. When our business opened in 2007, it served individual consumers and their computing needs.

The bulk of the business focused on desktop repairs and laptop repairs. For several years our technicians provided expert level repairs for LCD screens, motherboards, power supplies, memory, hard drives, and a whole host of items that had a tendency to malfunction on consumer computers.

We became a go-to resource for nearly 2000 loyal individual computer users. We have always done our best to provide competent, thoughtful, services to our customers, and we firmly believe that's what keeps them coming back.

What are we doing now? We are exclusively focused on B2B customers from our new location in Benicia. This is our primary office and headquarters for our field techs, as well as administration. From this location, we provide onsite services as well as remote and phone-in services for our clients.

All of our business services originate from this office, and any questions about servers, the cloud, remote service requirements, appointments, maintenance, etc should be directed here.